The number one reason why the New York Yankees struggled through injuries last season and have been forced to spend half a billion dollars during free agency this summer?

No. Farm. System.

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Whelp, wrote a fascinating piece in which they referenced a source who has indicated that the Yankees are going to buy their way back to the top of the farm system - I know, shocking, right?

Starting in July is the international signing period and in a year where there is a large amount of talent, the Yankees are going to spend a large amount of money.

Major League Baseball has set a penalty for teams if they spend over their allotment and the Yanks international amount this year is set at $2 million. According to the source, expect the Yankees to fly past that amount to a total around $18 million.

Staying under the luxury tax? Not happening any time soon.

Staying under the international spending allotment? Uh, not a chance.

Other teams (Red Sox, Dodgers, etc.) are beginning to spend massive amounts of money to get to the top but no one still does it better than the Yankees and we should expect nothing but the same this summer.