If you thought the Yankees couldn't go through any more struggle, well the Yankees hit a season low so far on Saturday night. In the past week and a half, the Yankees have made countless errors in the field, have had an offense that has been in a huge slump, and a bullpen that hasn't been able to provide any support for the starting pitching effort.

So why did everyone declare Saturday night rock bottom?

Earlier in the day, Jorge Posada was penciled in to be the DH, but bat 9th in the lineup, a batting position he has not seen in nearly 12 years! According to multiple sources, Posada approached Girardi, was "insulted", and threw a "hissy fit". From there he took himself out of the lineup, and finally at 6:4oPM or so, Posada was officially scratched and replaced with Andruw Jones at DH.

Brian Cashman took an interview live on FOX with reporter Ken Rosenthal. Cashman said that Posada took himself out of the lineup and would not speak for Jorge as to why other than to say that it was not injury related. Posada agreed to address this to the media after the game. In that interview, Posada said he could not play due to a stiff back. He told Girardi he could not play and needed to clear his head. Girardi, in his press conference said he was unaware of any injury to Posada, and that Posada simply told him he needed the day off to clear his mind.

Besides from the Posada drama, the Yankees had absolutely no offense in the game Saturday, again looked shaky in the field, and just seem to lack motivation and energy, similar to how they were playing in 2009 up to that Atlanta series that changed that season around.

Is it time for Jeter to hold a closed-door meeting with his teammates to fire them up? Is it time for Girardi to meet with his team to rally them together? Personally, with Jeter being the captain of the team, he had better step and and get this team together and motivate them. He holds that burden and responsibility as captain and he needs to step up and do so.

Post your comments, thoughts, and opinions below on your state of the Yankees.