Podcast: Buster Olney on 104.5 The Team

There’s no doubt that the Yankees are putting feelers out there in regards to trading for a starting pitcher, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.

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“I’m sure that they’re doing their due diligence and that’s what the Yankees do,” said Olney, last Thursday, on 104.5 The Team with Armen and Levack. “But the trade market would be so thin right now because so few teams would actually be willing to give up a guy because they don’t want to send the message to their fan base that they’re giving up their season.”

While the market or timing isn’t great at the moment, there was only one pitcher that Olney happened to bring up during the interview.

“You can call the Cubs today and try to make a deal for Jason Hammel but because it’s a sellers market with so few teams out there, the Cubs would probably ask for parts of New Jersey and lower Manhattan in return from the Yankees. That’s just the way it goes.”

Ok, so let’s not get too excited about Hammel on May 20th. But Yankee fans, you know better than anyone that if the pinstripes happen to become enamored with Hammel as the season goes on, they could go after him at some point later in the summer.

The Yankees faithful can get a glimpse of Hammel (4-2, 3.06 ERA) tonight against Masahiro Tanaka (6-0, 2.17 ERA) at the Chicago Cubs with an 8:05p first pitch.