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The dog days of Spring?  Maybe.  The Yanks are 0-1.  Uh oh.  They play 162 games, sure, but the flaws are there.  There is also not reason to panic.  And so away we go with the things the Yanks must do to stay in it until June 1 when they get officially or unofficially healthy for the stretch run.

Put the ball in play.  The Yanks can try to play small ball without all of that power, which is what they should do.  But you MUST put the ball in play.  This season has started the way last season ended.  Forget about the clutch hit,  The pinstripes cannot even put the little white ball in play!

Get to Mo.  The Yanks boast a solid bullpen.  No, not the one in Washington, but still solid. But the bullpen must get to Mariano Rivera.  Is he old?  Yes.  But he can still be a factor if that repaired ACL holds up.  Can the bullpen get to him?

Pitching depth.  CC Sabathia cannot break down for this team.  If he sputters even a little at times, the rest of the staff must contribute.  If not?  This club might actually miss the playoffs.

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