I'm so glad that the Yankees are finally mathematically eliminated from post-season contention with Thursday night's 8-3 loss to the Rays. With an out-of-this-world management job by Joe Girardi this year the Yanks have been delaying the inevitable for weeks.

And now, let's focus on what could be the most important off-season the Bronx Bombers have had in 25 years. Why? So many questions and no answers right now. The Yankees are at a very vulnerable place in their history. So many big name free agents on their current roster - should they be re-signed?

Look at this graphic via SportsCenter:

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And this doesn't mention that Girardi's in a contract year and has the option to not return if he wants to take a year off or go coach for the Cubs / Nationals. A-Rod's appealed suspension will come down this off-season and then the Yankees will decide whether to cut him or suck up his gawdy contract.

Let the analyzing begin! This off-season? It's going to be fun. How do I know this?

Buster Olney on Thursday morning is reporting that Robinson Cano and new agent Jay-Z will be asking for a record 10 year, $380 million deal.