Written by Brian Krosky

Despite playing a minimal 17 games throughout his injury-plagued 2013 campaign, Derek Jeter is set for one more season as a Yankee to add to his illustrious 19 year career, all of which have been with the pinstripes.

The Yankees actually added $2.5 million to the one-year team option that was in his contract, raising it from $9.5 million to $12 million. As a result of this, the Yankees will take a hit in payroll, but save in luxury tax, due to the construction of the contract.

The story, which was released at about 1:30 EST, has received much criticism and speculation, mostly because the Steinbrenner’s have made it public that they are attempting to finish under $189 million in payroll to abate future luxury tax penalties.

After one of his worst statistical seasons, (along with his first year in 1995 which he played only 15 games) the light at the end of the tunnel was disappearing at a faster rate than anticipated. This came as a major surprise because Jeter had led the MLB in hits in 2012, and finished seventh in AL MVP voting.

It looks as after one year of Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera retiring leaving Jeter as the sole member left playing of the “Core Four”, his career seems to be holding on for one last ride.  It looks as if the “Core Four” will be no more after the 2014 season.