The New York Yankees are shutting down Phil Hughes.  They are replacing him with a familiar face.

Manager Joe Girardi says the Yankees feel that Phil Hughes is going through a "dead arm period."  He says that the Yankees don't believe that Phil Hughes is hurt.  However, he believes that Hughes is struggling to have any life on his fastball due to a dead arm.

First off, Major League teams aren't going to give us the whole story if it isn't in their best interest to do so.  I'm not saying that the Yankees know that Phil Hughes is injured and they're not telling anyone.  I am saying that it's a possibility though.

Phil Hughes has been brutal this season.  In three starts, Hughes has a 13.94 ERA.  That's the definition of brutal.  Bartolo Colon will take Hughes' spot in the rotation.  Colon has been decent in relief stretches this season.  We'll see how well he can perform as a starter now.