Yankees defeated the Mets 5-1 on Friday evening at Citi Field in Queens, NY. The Yankees got a decent outing from Ivan Nova and were able to go with the pitches thrown by Jon Niese. Before some fans could even take their seats the Yankees had a 3-0 early lead and never looked back.

Find out why I think tonight's game made Joe Girardi's future starting pitching decision a bit easier.

While Ivan Nova did throw 5 innings, giving up the one run by the Mets, his start wasn't all that good. He gave up 7 hits during the 5 innings while walking two. The Mets had numerous chances to climb back into the game but Nova was able to pitch out of it.

There has been speculation that the Yankees will send down Ivan Nova in a couple of weeks to make regular starts in AAA so he could be ready in case of an injury to the major league club. With both Phil Hughes and Bartolo Coming back from the disabled list, the Yankees are going to be faced with a decision with how to handle having six starters available. For those thinking a long relief role would be great for one of those six starters, that option seems to be no longer available now that the Yankees acquired their old friend Sergio Mitre.

So in my opinion, it appears Nova will be headed down to the minors. Yes, he has pitched good for the Yanks but at times can't get out of certain innings and he also continues to walk too many people. Some starts and work down in AAA gives him time to learn and grow out of his issues.

Eduardo Nunez, filling in for Derek Jeter at shortstop, had an impressive night going 4-4 with an RBI.

This subway series is a good barometer for both teams, since both are playing very well. However, since the Yankees are at the top of their division, this series is more important for the Yankees but you can make a case for either club.