The Yankees lose to the Orioles 4-2 late Friday night as they could not solve Jeremy Guthrie. AJ Burnett had a mixed start going 8 innings BUT giving up 4 runs on 5 extra-base hits, including two home runs, one to Mark Reynolds with a two-run home run, and one to Derrek Lee.

Is this a sign of things to come for the Yankees? What are the latest trade rumors?

AJ Burnett did ok in striking out 10 over 8 innings of work, and walking only 2. But, he allowed 5 key hits that resulted in the victory for the Orioles. Burnett hasn't won a game for the Yankees since late June. Since his last win, Burnett has gone 0-2 with a 4.94 ERA. During that span he's walked 16 and struck out 25. Not the best ratio for a starting pitcher.

It's tough to determine if this is another bad turn for Burnett as last season he began to dwindle at about this point in the season. As far as looking for starting pitching help via a trade, Brian Cashman has been rumored to have talked to multiple teams regarding quality arms. The Yankees are still rumored to be involved with Ubaldo Jimenez, Hiroki Kuroda, James Shields, and others. Sunday is the non-waiver trade deadline in MLB. It'll be interesting to see if the Yankees trade for someone this weekend or go with what they got. However, what they got is essentially duct-taped and band-aided together.

What are your thoughts on the Yankees? What do they need to do? Feel free to drop a comment below.