Very interesting trade by the Yanks and very risky. Gone is top prospect or so they claimed Jesus Montero and pitching prospect Hector Noesi for fireballing righty Michael Pineda and rookie righty Jose Campos.

So many interesting angles from this winter whopper. Catcher in my view happens to be the weakest position in the big leagues right now and yet pitching is always a hot commodity. Inexperience and question marks dot the 2 marquee names in this deal.

Montero had a solid debut with the Yanks last year hitting .328 in 18 games. Highly regarded for many years Montero was the guy Yankee fans have spoken of 1st when it comes to their young guys that can take the club into future. In trading this hot shot prospect the Yanks get back an unproven yet talented right hander who was 9-10 with the offensivly inept Mariners. however be leery of those numbers as Pineda fell on hard times in the 2nd half with an E.R.A. of 5.12. I think the part that concerns me most is it's easy to pitch in half filled and quiet Safco field with a team that was out of contention by the end of May. Yankee fans had a lot invested with Montero who some saw as perhaps the next in the long line of great Yankee catchers.

The Mariners also risk much. What if Montero lives up to the doubts many have that he isn't a big time signal caller and how will that bat speed and hitting skill measure up in spacious Safeco? The mariners were aweful on offense last year and have an abundence of young pitching.

This deal is so interesting that the winner of the deal may be decided by the other players involved. Both Noesi and campos are young and raw but talented. The Yanks were able to hold onto their 2 main young pitchers in Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos.

To top off the day of intrigue the yanks then signed Huroki Kuroda away from the Dodgers for a 1 year deal.  I am going to gauge this deal slight advantage Mariners based on my suspicion that Pineda might be more a closer in the future and perhaps in the mode of Armando Benitez. It wouldn't shock me in Pineda struggles early and perhaps sees some time in the minors. If that happens Yankee fans should feel good that the club now has pitching depth with Kiroda, Phil Hughes (who I think bounces back this year) Freddy Garcia and yes A.J. Burnett