Recently, I've found myself in more and more conversations about my beloved New York Yankees. It's clear that even though some have felt the great rivalry between the Yankees and the evil Boston Red Sox would never be great again, it is in fact back with a vengeance. So, I decided to document the TEN things you should never say to a Yankees fan, mainly because people have said them to me recently.

10. "A Rod." Not only A Rod but any variation of his name. Alex Rodriguez is a dark spot for many of us and any true friend would not reopen that wound.

9. "When's the last time the Yankees actually won the Series?!" We all know it was 2009 and there's really no need to pretend you don't. On the off chance you don't know that, you really aren't worthy to have a baseball conversation with us anyway.

8. Any insult directed towards "The Boss". George Steinbrenner was a lot of things but the top of that list is the word winner. Sure he rubbed us all the wrong way many times when he was alive but he's passed on now and speaking ill of the dead is just rude.

7. "2004" This year has been erased from all Yankee fans memories.

6. Why you "used to be a Yankee fan". This statement always revolves around silly concepts like "buying players" and some other team "does it the right way". The "right way" normally is defined by being more successful than any of your piers meaning the Yankee way IS the right way.

5. "Let's not bring up the past!" This is simply an attempt to erase the great history of the Yankees and limit a conversation to whatever tiny window your team had some form of success. By definition, any minute previous to this one is the past, basically making all feats and achievements ever invalid except for the breath you just took....great now I'm depressed.

4. "Babe Ruth is overrated" This is yet another example of rewriting history to make yourself or whatever social cause you're pretending to fight for relevant.

3. "Derek Jeter is overrated" Stop already...I mean just stop. You look silly trying to discredit one of the best players of our generation. "The Captain" did it all and did it all at a high level both on and off the field.

2. "Yankees bought all their championships!" Okay this one is possibly my favorite stupid thing people say. It's like "HEY! I'm really mad at you for going out and getting all the best things!" Even though there was ABSOLUTELY nothing stopping you from doing the exact same thing. The best part of this STUPID argument is now that teams like the Dodgers and Red Sox consistently spend more than the Yankees, it's suddenly okay.

1. "I'm a Red Sox Fan!" Let me clarify, there are people who were born and bread Red Sox fans that have amazing insight and conversations revolving around the game of baseball. However any "fan" that became a Sox fan in 2004 (again a year I don't really remember but seems relevant to Sox fans) is a bandwagon fan and means nothing. The other part of this faction that upsets us is the jealous type that needs the Yankee fan to validate their team at all times. These fans are true fans indeed but should be quarantined to a three to five block radius surrounding Fenway Park.

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