It doesn't take much to make my day at times.  Every now and then, a glorious sight stares straight into my eyes.

I've got a question: Who in their right mind doesn't love a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll?  I'm 99% sure that the correct answer is nobody.

Sometimes I rush into work, stop by the break room and see a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll looking right at me from the vending machine.  Based on principle, I always buy at least one Cinnamon Roll a day.

For some reason the supply of Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls is always weak.  It's obviously because those Cinnamon Rolls are such a stellar & delicious product that they sell out before you know it.

I would use a minimum of two rows to devote to Cinnamon Rolls if I were a vendor.  Those things are sold out before you know it, and for good reason.  They're lovely, and anyone who says differently is suspect in my book.