This week it was announced that the Miami Dolphins will use the Giants practice facility.  A lot of New York Jet fans are up in arms about the use of the Giants Timex Performance Center, here is what I think

Who Cares! It’s a favor… The Giants are doing the Dolphins a favor they aren’t looking to bend the Jets over and take them to OZ.  The Giants are just extending a professional courtesy, in hopes that favor is exchanged to them in the future.

Now Rex Ryan is running is fat face (he has 9 chins) about this “controversy”.  I usually don’t mind his headline grabbing antics, but he usually doesn’t get beat with a wooden spoon like he did on Monday.  The Jets looked so bad on Monday, I was begging for Joe Namath to try to make out with Mark Brunell on the Jet’s side line for my entertainment.

The Dolphins are coming u a night early to go to the new “Lombardi” Musical.  So its not like they are gonna be pumped up, they are going to watch 3 hours of Billy Elliot jumping around on stage in a one piece.

This isn’t an emergency Jet Fans, it’s a what ever moment.  Now an Emergency is if we drop The game to the Dolphins like Drew Carry dropping 150 pounds on between showcase showdowns.  but i doubt it