DeflateGate is not over. It seems that it will never be over....

What does this mean? It means that Brady is petitioning to get his case reheard and that he continues to fight his four-game suspension.

Taken directly from

"Our two primary arguments are that the commissioner in the first place conducted an investigation and then the commissioner imposed discipline. Then the commissioner appointed himself as an appellate judge or an arbitrator and then decided something new in the appellate process, abandoning the grounds that were the original basis for the supposed discipline," Attorney Ted Olson said. "That's No. 1, and an appellate judge is supposed to look at the record and make a decision on the basis of what happened before. He departed from what happened before. Secondly he ignored important provisions of the CBA about discipline that might be imposed for equipment violations. He departed from that completely and went off the track."

I just want this thing to be over with already, don't you?