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What Will it Take for NBA to Shut Down Again?
The NBA season like everything else has gone through trials and tribulations but it is a big day in terms of knowing who will be going to Orlando to play. Steve Popper joined us to discuss whether the league will have to shut down again, the Knicks and much more! Make sure to listen above!
Play Ball! Experts Weigh In On MLB 60 Game Season
Baseball is back and we talked to some baseball insiders on what it means and how we should feel about it. Logistically what does it mean for the players? Who lost money by rejecting the MLB 60 game proposal? How will this season be viewed from a legitimacy perspective? Listen to Bob Nightengale abo…
Celebrating with Jack Knowlton After Tiz the Law's Victory
The local sports community needed a victory from Tiz the Law, and boy did Tiz deliver on Saturday by rolling to a victory in the Belmont Stakes. The win means we can look forward to the local connections from Sackatoga Stable grabbing the spotlight for the next several months leading up to the Trave…
Who is the Favorite in the NHL?
The NHL may be the league that has the most together in terms of actually coming back. What is the best first round matchup, should the Bruins still be the favorite and how much of a chip is on the shoulder of the Tampa Bay Lightning? Make sure to listen to Barry Melrose answering those questions an…
Confidence is High for Tiz the Law
With the Belmont Stakes this weekend, the favorite is Tiz the Law and the managing partner of Sackatoga Stable, Jack Knowlton, who owns Tiz as he calls him, joined the show to discuss how he feels going in to the race and whether or not it compare to when Funny Cide raced in the Belmont. Make sure t…
Can We See Some Colossal Upsets in Orlando?
Will the NBA season happen doesn't seem to be a question that doesn't end with no games being played. However nothing is for certain so we asked Dave DuFour, podcast host for the Athletic, what he thinks of all the concerns going on. After we got past that, DuFour lets us know that upsets …
Why Yankees "Cheating" Letter is a Sham
Major League Baseball is close to coming back. Let's up we can get over that mess quickly. Ken Davidoff joined the show to discuss as well as weigh in on the Yankees letter that has been ordered to be opened by a judge. Listen above!
Baseball Update With Tim Kurkjian
What is the latest on Major League Baseball and what is the latest Baseball Fix that Tim Kurkjian has for us? He details everything above and also listen below for a bonus interview with Joe DeMayo evaluating the MLB Draft especially all the pics the Mets made!
Local Horse Racing Partner Talks Belmont
Jason Brinkman has always been known to me as involved with the Albany Dutchmen but he has recently started a stable with Brian Spagnola. They have a horse that is favored in Friday's race. America's Pastime Stables is growing and Jason discussed it all with us. Make sure to listen above!
Call Him Part of the Wolfpack!
Shenendehowa junior Stevo Poulin has made his decision on what college he is going to wrestle at next season. He has and amazing record in his career and he continues to dominate for the Plainsmen. How excited is he to be going to North Carolina State and what is the most weight he has ever cut to m…
The State of MLB and Previewing the MLB Draft
Kiley McDaniel feels differently and he joined us to discuss the state of Major League Baseball. He has been locked in the MLB Draft as well which will air Wednesday and Thursday on ESPN. To hear his thoughts on all that listen above and for bonus coverage of MLB, listen to Karl Ravech below!

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