The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be peaking at the right time as they are now 8-0 in the 2016 playoffs after sweeping the Hawks with a game 4 100-99 victory. Cleveland's 'Big Three' has been nothing but spectacular this post-season.

Yesterday was Kevin Love's day to shine as he knocked down 8-of-15 from beyond the arc, tying a personal best. He made only one two-point basket with his toe on the line.

"We're in a great rhythm right now," said LeBron James. "We know exactly where we want to be on the floor."

Love scored a game-high 27 points and grabbed 13 rebounds as the other two pieces of the 'Big Three' each scored 21. Cleveland shot a ridiculous 51% from deep in the series (77 of 152).

The Cavs now await the winner of the Miami Heat/Toronto Raptors series in which the Raptors lead 2-1 with game 4 tonight.

Now, however, the Cavs get to rest. Who knows how the rest will affect them, but they will likely be the healthier and quicker team once the conference finals come along.