Former Shaker High School student-athlete Bailey Wind is one of two survivors (Matt Hardy being the other) from the tragic and fatal Northway crash in December of 2012 that killed Shen seniors Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers.

Wind, now a senior at the University of Tennessee, is working to turn the pain of that experience into a success story by public speaking, trying to create awareness about making decisions that could impact others lives, and about how to live your own life to the fullest. She has won multiple awards for her courage including the 2016 Wilma Rudolph Award.

The whole incident was really emotional for the Capital Region, and as a Shen graduate myself, it hit home extra hard for me.

We had Wind on 'Big Board Sports' today to talk about her experiences since that night, how she's working move on and how long it took her to get to the point where she could open up about her life and experiences.