Check out this crazy over-the-backboard shot by a high school kid to win the game.


Okay, here's the deal.  I have no idea who these teams are.  I did some unsuccessful digging to try to find out the teams and where they're from.  It's Hadley High School versus Freeman high school but I have no idea where they are from.  Do you really care who they are and where they're from though?  Really?  I could just make something up if I had to.  I'm getting off track.

How about this sick game-winning shot?  The kid who hit the shot made up for an absolutely awful in-bounds pass.  The kid caught the ball as close to the baseline as possible.  Typically, players are not targeted at that location of the court.  This kid absolutely sinks it though.  It's a fantastic shot just before the backboard lights up.  Seriously, how much is tuition at this place?  A high school backboard that lights up?  Impressive.

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