Let’s be honest: we had a feeling this season was going to be rocky before it even started. 

You can point the blame at members of the coaching staff all you want, but I think everyone knows what is really happening there. 

Months before we lost to the New York Jets in our first game of the season, the Buffalo Bills received some big news from the NFL, and it just may be the reason why the team has felt out of sync. 

On June 7, Josh Allen shared the news with everyone on X that his childhood dream had come true….

However, that dream came with a price, and it may have been our hopes of a Super Bowl ring. 

Remember when we found out Josh Allen was on the cover for Madden 24?

While it is an incredible honor to be featured on the cover of Madden 24, there’s a reason why teams tell the tale of the Madden Curse. 

What Is The Madden Curse?

The Madden Curse applies to anyone who has been on the cover of Madden. In that given year that they are highlighted on Madden, the player and the team seem to perform horrible that year. 

When Did The Madden Curse Start?

The curse seems to have originated back in 2000 when Madden had its first player cover. That year, it was Barry Sanders, but he unexpectedly retired in 1999 and didn’t see the field all year. 

While that one instance seems like a coincidence, the curse continued. 

Year after year, stars on the cover of Madden would fracture fibulas, fumble all season, and just play absolutely horrible compared to their stats from previous years. 

How Is It Affecting Josh Allen?

As of Monday night’s game, Josh Allen leads the league in turnovers with 15, and he has thrown an interception at least once in the last 6 games. 

And now, the Buffalo Bills only have a 19% chance of securing a spot in the playoffs, with the next few games being the toughest that they have played all season. 

Has Anyone Broken The Curse?

Some athletes have said to have dodged the Madden curse, like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, but it may be just lingering in the back corner ready to upset a season down the road. 

Who knows if the curse is the reason behind the absolute monstrosity Bills fans have been watching all season, but so far, it seems like the only logical explanation. 

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