Everyone in the Bills Mafia would tell you that we're tired of losing. Unfortunately, things have not been going our way as of late.  

It seems as if the whole game, the Buffalo Bills struggled to make complete plays, and that’s for the offense, defense, and special teams against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

In the 4th quarter, it looked like the Bills gained some spirit and almost had a breakaway touchdown with Dalton Kincaid. After an attempt to jump a Bengals player, the ball was fumbled and picked up by Cincinnati. 

But you can't wait until the last quarter to play the game the way you have the ability to do. 

Ever since the Jacksonville Jaguars game and players on the Buffalo Bills sustained some injuries, it seems like the team hasn’t been playing like they were at the beginning of the season. 

Coach McDermott spoke to the media after the Patriots loss a few weeks ago, and he unraveled the game results for Bills fans looking for answers. 

The Buffalo Bills’ X page (formerly known as Twitter) shared the post-game live video conference, and you can see what Coach McDermott said starting at the 39:46 mark. 

“It’s not enough. We didn’t do enough. We didn’t put them in position enough. I didn’t put the defense in position enough. And just overall, we didn’t play complimentary football,” McDermott said. 

When it came to offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, McDermott came out bluntly and said how he felt. At the 48:25 mark, a reporter asked McDermott if he was confident in Dorsey’s ability to “turn this thing around,” and McDermott adamantly assured:

“Yeah, I’m confident,” he said. “Confident in Ken.” 

That’s all Coach McDermott really had to say to assure us that he is 100% behind his offensive coordinator. 

It seemed to echo those sentiments in press briefings following the loss to Cincinnati.

After a Buffalo Bills loss, many Mafia members are quick to point the finger of who is at fault, and much of that heat has fallen on Ken Dorsey’s shoulders. Tons of Bills fans have even called for Dorsey to be let go from the coaching staff….but we'll see what happens. 

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