When you say this number to a Buffalo Bills fan, we all remember that January day that ruined our season and prevented a Super Bowl run. 

And just this week, Bills fans had to live that reality all over again when we lost to a walk off field goal, kicked by Wil Lutz of the Denver Broncos. 

Many people will say that this number is unlucky, and that is especially the case for the Buffalo Bills. 

It may be Taylor Swift’s lucky number (and maybe Travis Kelce’s too, considering what happened last year when Buffalo played Kansas City *massive eye roll*), but it seems to rattle our team. 

The number 13 has been linked to bad luck for as long as I can remember. There’s an old legend that you can’t have 13 guests at a dinner party, but there are also engaged couples who purposefully will avoid getting married on the 13th day of the month or buying a house on the 13th. And – there have been hotels and big corporate buildings who even skip having a 13th floor, come to find out it’s because of the legend of unlucky 13.

Well, that bad luck with 13 seems to be alive and well in Buffalo. 

Remember when we lost the lead to Kansas City in January 2022 in the last 13 seconds?

(Watch below if you can brave it.)

A Facebook group called NFL Memes poked fun at our 13 second struggle after our most recent loss to the Denver Broncos, and it shows that it’s happened a few times to us over the last few years. 

Not to mention what happened in 1991….

Gabe Davis, you might want to change your number. 

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