The Buffalo Bills (5-3) are back under the lights this upcoming Sunday, as they travel once again to Paycor Stadium to play the Cincinnati Bengals (4-3).

This is technically the third time since January the two teams will play against one another, with the first meeting famously involved the Damar Hamlin medical incident, which resulted in the postponement and eventual cancellation of the game.

The second meeting was the AFC Divisional round, which was a Bengals win, 27-10 at Highmark Stadium.

That was easily the Bills worst game since their 2021 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, with Buffalo dejected and lacking energy from start to finish. Cincinnati beat them in every facet of the game, including coaching/play-calling.

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If you remember, former Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie told Tyler Dunne of Go Long TD that the snow that fell during the game, "had a lot to do with it." McKenzie mentioned the Bills passing attack and style of team as not suiting the snow.

Even though McKenzie was the only player who said that sort of thing in the media, and the fact he is no longer on the roster, that is not stopping Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd from claiming multiple Bills players were making the snow an "excuse."

Boyd had this to say on Thursday afternoon to the Cincinnati media.

This is not the first time the Bengals have talked to the media, regarding the Bills. Before their January 2nd game which ended up being called off halfway through the first quarter, Bengals running back Joe Mixon said they were "the big dog of the AFC," disregarding the accomplishments of the Bills and Chiefs.

That's not all. Boyd the day before said that the Bills defense and scheme were "basic."

Then you have the famous Eli Apple Twitter trash-talk after the Bengals win over the Bills. Apple is not on the Bengals anymore.

The Bengals claim that the Bills have talked and made excuses, when in reality, all but one Bills player mentioned snow after that playoff loss...and the Bengals are the ones who have talked more to the media.

Kickoff is 8:20 pm this Sunday night.

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