Who says dogs are more welcoming than cats?

A rather friendly black cat named Onyx is growing her fanbase following a viral video of her greeting an Amazon delivery driver.

The cat's owner, TikTok user @bear_miller1782, shared the video noting how the cat welcomes the driver with a hearty "hello" as drops off a package.

"Hi, how you doing?" the stunned driver says after being startled by the cat after it ran out of the home's front door.

Moments later, the cat's owner comes out of the house to grab the package and thank the driver. She wasn't surprised at all that her cat was so welcoming to a guest.

"She's super friendly. You can pet her if you want."

Commenters on the video were quick to point out the Onyx's voice sounds eerily similar to an anime character named Emu Otori.

"She really said 'hello, I'm Emu Otori," one TikTok user replied.

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The cat not only won over the delivery driver who turned around to give the her a gentle pat on the head, but also anyone who visits the home. Her owner noted Onyx is a cat that lives both indoors and outdoors which has helped her become more friendly.

"He was so polite to her," the cat's owner said in her TikTok post. "I love when anyone is nice to Onyx. A lot of people dislike cats, but she loves everyone."

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