Street photographers are not uncommon. Even social media street photographers with over 310,000 followers on Instagram are not uncommon, but one such artist has set out to do something a bit different when choosing his subjects: boost their confidence.

Alex is a UK-based music composer, producer and photographer who discovered his passion for photography at the age of 12 when gifted with a nifty camera. While starting his career taking actors' headshots, he specialized in portrait photography. He goes by Portrait Geek.

Free Street Portraits and a Little Self-Discovery

Here's where things take a bit of a twist: Alex creates short social media videos where he offers free street portraits to strangers with the hope that he can boost their confidence and bring them some joy.

Instagram Street Photographer Brought to Tears by Woman's Kindness
@PortraitGeek via Instagram

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When I first came across Alex's account in my feed, like in all cases like this, I had a few concerns: 1) Is he exploiting these people in any way and 2) Is he exploiting the viewer? and 3) Is this fake? I finally hit subscribe when I determined none were true.

How Do PortraitGeek's Street Portraits Work?

There's a very simple structure to Alex's videos, and that's part of the charm.

He approaches an average person walking down the street. He then asks if it's okay if he takes their portrait, and he emphasizes that he records the video of the encounter and also will delete the photo if the subject does not like it. Alex then shows video of the shoot, adds some uplifting music and shows the photos to the person.

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Alex's Subjects Are Often Surprised by the Results

Reactions range from "Wow!" to downright surprise as they see themselves in a new light, which is 100% the point. Then I cry. You might too.

That takes us to one of Alex's most recent videos, and not only did it take him by surprise, but it got me right in the feels.

As you can see, Ada and Alex nearly collide on the sidewalk. After she agrees to let him take her photo, she shares that she collects and distributes food for the homeless. It turns out Alex was once nearly homeless himself, and Ada's story profoundly impacted him in an unexpected way. It was clear that she could see what was happening.

In the video's description, Alex explains:

...this is the first time I cried during a shoot! Ada gave me a hug when she saw my eyes welling up. She gives so much while she has so little.

In a clear example of the artist becoming the subject, if only for a moment, it's refreshing (and gosh darn emotional) to see a social media video highlighting how one person can impact another when it was supposed to be the other way around.

You can follow Alex's street portrait journey and watch his other videos on Instagram at PortraitGeek and learn more about his career and how you can support his art on his website.

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