New York is one of the most populous states in America and is home to many fame-hungry influencers, but you won't find many of them on this spicy website.

Bedbible, a sexual wellness company, decided to do the dirty work of finding out which states have the most and least amount of influencers on the subscription-based website OnlyFans.

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OnlyFans is known for being used primarily by sex workers, who hide their adult content behind a paywall. The website hosts other content creators, like physical fitness gurus and singers.

It's also well known that people can make a sizeable salary by selling their bodies on OnlyFans. However, when it comes to New Yorkers, they aren't all that interested in participating.

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Bedbible compared the number of active creators in a state to its actual population size to determine which had the most per 100,000 citizens.

New York came in a laughable last place, as the state only had 0.25 creators per 100,000 citizens.

The other states joining us in the bottom are

  • 49th - West Virginia with .34 creators per 100k residents
  • 48th - New Jersey with .46 creators per 100k residents
  • 47th - Rhode Island with .73 creators per 100k residents
  • 46th - South Carolina with .83 creators per 100k residents

Meanwhile, our neighbor Connecticut topped the list with a whopping 68 OnlyFans creator per 100k citizens. The state boasts over 2,460 active creators on the subscription website which have garnered more than 15.7 million likes.

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Nevada had the second-highest number of OnlyFans creators while Hawaii rounded out the top 3. North Dakota and Maine came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Bedbible has an idea why smaller states managed to snag the top spots:

There are more limited job opportunities in these states, especially in more remote or rural areas, which could drive individuals towards alternative forms of income, such as OnlyFans.

Considering how expensive it is to live in New York, it's a little strange that not too many residents have considered using the website as an alternate source of income.

Then again, maybe we are a little smarter than the average bear and are aware that once you put something spicy on the internet, it is there forever and could come back to haunt you big time.

What do you think New York has so few OnlyFans content creators?

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