This Fall, take a trip to one of the coolest (and most backwards) farms in the tristate.

Just minutes from the Hudson Valley, the history behind this farm is an ingenious and pretty hilarious trick that the owners used so they could decorate their business just the way they wanted. Welcome to Flamig Farm!


The "Backwards" Flamig Farm

Flamig Farm is known as the home of the "backwards eggs", and the nickname is quite literal. One of the first things travelers will notice when they visit the farm is the massive EGGS sign that adorns the side of their red barn. More specifically, it's an SGGE sign, and for good reason.

The History Behind the Backwards EGGS

The backwards EGGS sign comes from a well-intentioned friend of the farm's owners. As the story goes, what was intended as a thoughtful gift ended up having a few twists and turns. From Flamig Farms:

Years ago, an artist friend of ours told us he wanted to put something on the end of our chicken barn... [and put] 4 huge 8 foot tall letters that said EGGS. We knew zoning would not let us put up an advertising sign that big. Finally someone said, “Let’s put it up backward and call it “ART.” And so we did.

Of course the "art" isn't the only attraction at Flamig Farms. They offer pony rides, a petting zoo, children's camps, overnight stays, and so much more (check out the "Haunted Walkthrough" this Halloween).

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Flamig Farm is located in West Simsbury, CT, about 40 miles from the New York state border. The farm is family-friendly, with many kid-focused activities and admission is $7.50 for people 2-80 years old.

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