What is the most unique item you own? Do you have a classic car or a rare painting? Perhaps you have a collection of coins or your fireplace is a one-of-a-kind because you built it by hand. Whether you currently have unique items in your home or not, you can start by owning a lighthouse. That would be unique.

I haven't known one person in my lifetime that has owned a lighthouse. I always assumed they were the property of the State or government. Now you have the chance to take ownership of an historic New York lighthouse in Long Island Sound.

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Stratford Shoal Lighthouse in East Setauket, New York is one of four lighthouses hitting the auction block by the United States General Services Administration (USGSA) with another 6 being offered for free.

According to the USGSA, lighthouses across the country are offered to the public each May, in part, to deliver value and savings in federal real estate for taxpayers. Due to advances with technology, lighthouses aren't as essential to the government as they once were. To protect the history and heritage of lighthouses, Congress passed the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act. That's where you come in.


On Monday June 12, 2023, the Stratford Shoal Lighthouse, will become available via online auction with a starting bid of $10,000. At the close of the auction, the high bid will be considered for acceptance by the Government. For more details on the Stratford Shoal Lighthouse auction click HERE.

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