What comes to mind when you hear Woodstock? I suppose it depends on your age. To some Woodstock is stardust and golden, to others it became tattooed and pierced. Like it or not, in the 54 years since the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair took place, the namesake has become a brand.

Since 1969 the musical experience of Woodstock has traveled from Bethel to Saugerties and eventually Rome, New York. Is the festival set to return, full circle, to where it all began? Some say yes!

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According to the Mid Hudson News, a Woodstock-type festival could be returning to the site of the original event. 54 years ago the grounds of Max Yasgur's Farm were covered by half-a-million fans to watch performances by Jimi Hendrix, Santana, The Who and many more.

In a few weeks, hopefully we will be announcing a new multi-day festival in August for the main stage will be on the original ’69 field, which has not been the case for decades, so we’re very excited. - Bethel Woods CEO Eric Frances

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Should you make the pilgrimage to the site of the original Woodstock Music and Arts Festival today you will find various points of interest. The original stage is gone but the field where everyone congregated is left open, as you would with sacred land.

There is a monument marking the events of that legendary August weekend. You will also find the Woodstock Museum - Art and History of 1960's Music and Culture and of course there is a concert venue close to the original location. Will music return to that open field? Time will tell.

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