No Kid Hungry New York

No one should go hungry, especially children. Now that summer is here and kids aren't being fed at school, many families throughout Upstate New York have found it increasingly difficult to find healthy and nutritious food options for their children.

Thankfully, a new federal policy is allowing rural meal programs the flexibility to offer free summer meals in ways that reach more kids this summer; it's called No Kid Hungry New York. 

Anyone ages 18 years and under is eligible. No registration, documentation, or ID is necessary to receive a meal.

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No kid should go hungry, but if you're struggling financially, there are summer programs to help you out. The options are listed below.

No Kid Hungry New York announced that it has awarded $146,000 in grants "to help eleven public school districts and community organizations in rural areas across upstate New York provide more kids with free, nutritious meals all summer."


"This effort comes as a recent No Kid Hungry poll found that 91 percent of families in rural parts of New York reported the cost of food rising faster than their incomes this year–a higher rate than in either urban or suburban communities. Food insecurity spikes every summer as kids lose access to free and low-cost meals at school."  NoKidHungry.Org


Where to Find Free Summer Meals

  • No Kid Hungry has a national Free Meals Finder texting hotline to connect families to a nearby site that provides no-cost meals.
  • More than 2,500 sites will be open across New York.
  • Anyone ages 18 years and under is eligible. No registration, documentation, or ID is necessary to receive a meal.
  • To find a Summer Meals program near you, just text “FOOD” or “COMIDA” (for Spanish language service) to 304-304.

Free Meals in the Capital Region

CAPTAIN Community Human Services will operate sit-down and grab-n-go meal services in Saratoga County across 14 congregate sites and four non-congregate sites this summer, Monday through Friday.

Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York will offer home delivery and grab-n-go services in Schoharie and Columbia counties, providing seven days' worth of pre-packed breakfasts and lunches.

Hartford Central School District will offer home delivery several times a week of pre-packed breakfast and lunch for eight weeks.


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