Check out the rare photos, the behind-the-scenes of Angelina Jolie in the making of "Salt" in Albany NY below!!

13 years ago this week, Salt, the action-thriller starring Angelina Jolie came out on Blu-Ray and DVD and featured added cuts that gave the movie different endings.  Do you remember rushing out to Blockbuster Video for a rental?  Ehh, maybe not!

You're much more likely to remember a few months back in 2009 when Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie, along with a stunt double, shot that infamous high-speed chase on portions of 787 in Albany.   

Anyway, it's fun to look back on Capital Region nostalgia, and Salt is pretty cool because it was a legit blockbuster featuring - at the time - one of the biggest stars in the industry.

Where'd the pictures come from?

In my search for all things Salt, I stumbled upon a series of candid photos of Angelina taken by a professional photographer named Amy West.  West, who now lives in Boston, was born and raised in Albany and happened to be home visiting family when she decided to check out the shoot.  West and her father grabbed their cameras and headed toward downtown Albany where she got some pretty cool photos.

Here's the actual chase scene from the movie!

Looking back on it now, West tells me that she wishes she had a better camera back in the day, but we still think these photos are pretty awesome.  Candid shots of Angelia Jolie, like the ones she was able to get, are pretty rare, and most people haven't seen these.  Amy West, a talented photographer,  was gracious enough to let us use her photos.  Enjoy!

Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Angelina Jolie Filming Salt in Albany

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