Another celebrity spotting in Upstate NY! This time during a quick family retreat to a resort thought to be so beautiful, it's attracted and inspired artists and writers for 100 years.

We don't need TV celebs to gush over Upstate and all of the beautiful places to see experience, and enjoy - we do plenty of that ourselves.
But there is some cache in knowing that some of "our" favorite hidden gems are also loved by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, music, television, and even sports that either make it their home or take frequent trips here.
Mandy Moore is the latest A-List television, movie, and music celeb to have recently enjoyed a quaint stay at Upstate New York recently, and judging by the photos, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that she and her family will be back.
Mandy Moore Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"
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Moore, most known for playing Rebecca Pearson in the brilliantly written and casted NBC hit show This Is Us, posted adorable family photos to her Instagram page inspired by a weekend retreat recently in snowy Upstate.
20th Century Fox Television And NBC's "This Is Us" FYC Screening And Panel - Inside
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Where in Upstate NY were Mandy Moore and her family?

It turns out that Moore, along with her husband Taylor, and two boys (Gus and Ozzie) were glowing after a "fun impromptu" weekend at the Inness Hotel, Resort, and Golf Course in Accord, NY.
The famed resort in the Catskills is about an hour south of Albany and offers lodging, dining, and outdoor activities for creative individuals and families.  INNESS features 28 peaceful cabins and a large 12-room farmhouse, each offering captivating views of the breathtaking Catskill Mountains.

An excited Moore even gushed about experiencing a few "firsts" with their toddler Gus during their stay at Inness; bacon and snow! See the images below

What a fun impromptu weekend at @inness_ny where Gus got to experience both snow AND bacon for the first time. Poor Ozzie is still stuck on the diet. ❄️ -Mandy Moore, Instagram



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