More Wildlife Videos Please!

I'm a bit of a wildlife nut, and most of my time spent on social media is scrolling through nature videos and posts.  These videos can take you to wonderful outdoor spaces and show you amazing sights without leaving your home. For me, there's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of witnessing a lion attack in the African jungle, seeing a pod of spectacular whales breaching in the Atlantic Ocean, or, in this case, an adorable family of black bears frolicking in an Adirondack Village.

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A momma and her three cubs play near Big Moose in the Adirondacks. Photo: Screengrab from Life in the ADK

Life in the ADK

One of my favorite social media accounts is Life in the ADK, described as a "place to keep up with all things ADK," and it never disappoints.   They post travel tips, shopping information, and humor; if there's a cool moose or a bear sighting, they'll post that, too.

This recent bear sighting in the Adirondacks is especially cute because it features what appears to be a family of four black bears: a momma and her three cubs. Life in the ADK posted the video on Wednesday, and it's one of the rare times you see this many black bears in one video. The bears are playing, frolicking, and wrestling, and one cub climbs a tree.

Big Moose, NY

The short video was taken in Big Moose, NY, between Old Forge and Eagle Bay, about 2.5 hours north of Albany, and it's the kind of rare sighting that forces you to keep your head on a swivel when driving through our Upstate New York Adirondacks.

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Is life in the Adirondacks all that different from life in say, Albany, Schenectady, or Saratoga Springs? We say, "Yes!"

Even though most cities in the Capital Region are less than an hour away, anyone who's spent a decent amount of time in the North Country knows that certain conveniences that many might take for granted, don't exist throughout the 5,000 square miles of dense forest and high peaks that comprise the mighty ADKS.

So whether you're from Halfmoon or Hague; from Troy or Ticonderoga, you should be able to relate to a viral video that takes a humorous and poignant approach to "Life in the Adirondacks."

Here are a few of our favorites - and you can check out the full video below.

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