It's been said that Massachusetts has something for everyone. People flock to the Bay State both as a travel destination and a place to lay down roots. With the Bay State being recognized as one of the best states to raise a family, being known for its top-quality education offerings, stellar health care, and the natural beauty of the four seasons it's no surprise that Massachusetts is the perfect fit for people from all backgrounds. Plus, we have the most dedicated sports fans around wouldn't you agree?

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Massachusetts is a Prime State for Young Families

With an emphasis on education, GoBankingRates released a list of the 10 best cities for young families. Here's what GoBankingRates stated about the methodology used to construct the list.

With its emphasis on education, we’ve chosen the top 10 cities for young families, according to Niche, with population data and average home price included courtesy of Zillow.


Which Massachusetts City Ranks #5 of Best Cities for Young Families in America? 

Cambridge is the fifth best city for young families in Massachusetts according to GoBankingRates. Here's a review of Cambridge from the site:

Though known for its educated population and prestigious universities like Harvard and MIT, Cambridge is also a great fit for families looking for a relaxed feel and plenty of entertaining activities and arts and culture.


  • Population: 116,892
  • Average Home Value: $946,297

Do You Agree That Cambridge Should Be at #5 on the List? 

Cambridge outshines its neighbor Boston and the other two biggest cities in Massachusetts, Worcester and Springfield. What do you think? Does Cambridge deserve the high ranking or is another Massachusetts city more worthy of the honor You can check out the entire list of cities that made the list by going here.

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