There was a massive turtle walking across the driveway here at the radio station the other day. We have swamp lands in the rear of the studios. Was this a bog turtle? I have no idea.


That same day the Pittsfield Police and animal control had posted a warning about friendly would be good Samaritans and snapping turtles.

Animal Control says keep interaction with turtles to a minimum

Just a turtle friendly reminder, if you spot one of our slow moving friends trying to cross the road, PLEASE DO NOT KIDNAP IT and bring it to the police station!!

Just kindly help it across the road in the direction it's already traveling. And remember, snapping turtles have extremely loooong necks and can reach around to their tail tips and bite you, so proper handling is a must if you'd like to keep all of your fingers!

Can Snapping Turtles Bite Your Finger or Toe Completely Off?

There is conflicting information out there! Some say yes, others, no.

Also keep in mind that a lot of the myths you hear about turtles are just that - widely held but largely false! A snapping turtle cannot bite your finger or toe off, and no freshwater turtle will transmit any disease to you other than potentially Salmonella (the risk of which is low and akin to prepping chicken in your kitchen!). -The Land Between

Snapping turtles are brown to black in color and can be identified by their long tail with sharp and spiny ridges. Don't make any sudden movements or splash if you come across one in a pond. If you do get bite, don't try unclench the turtle's jaws, the more you try the harder they bite. Submerging the snapping turtle in water is the best way to release the bite. Seek medical attention for any shots you may require as well.

A very large snapping turtle weighing in at 76.5 pounds holds a record for the largest in Massachusetts.

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