Massachusetts dog lovers are everywhere!

When it comes to dog owners, Massachusetts actually has far fewer than you might think, especially compared to the rest of the country.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (ARMA) Idaho and Arkansas are the two states with the highest rate of dog owners, with 58% and 52% of households having dogs, respectively. With just 29% of Massachusetts households having dogs, the Commonwealth comes in as the 6th lowest state for dog owners.

What are the Most Popular Dog Breeds in Massachusetts? recently looked at a sample of dog licenses from a cross-section of Massachusetts cities and towns and put together a list of the 20 most popular dog breeds in the Bay State. The dogged breed that topped the list? The labrador retriever of course. Yellow, black, and chocolate Labs have long been popular breads in Massachusetts and beyond.

Check out the other most popular Massachusetts breeds below.

While there are tons of great dogs and dog breeds in Massachusetts, there is one type of breed that is illegal to own as a pet in the state.

This Dog Breed is Illegal to Own or Keep As a Pet in Massachusetts

According to, it is illegal to own a wolfdog as a pet in Massachusetts. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 131 Section 1 states that wolf-dog hybrids and other hybrids between domestic dogs and wild canines are not considered domestic animals and cannot be possessed, bought, sold, imported, or propagated in the state. The same law applies to felines. A hybrid between a domestic cat and any wild feline species, are not domestic animals and cannot be kept as such.

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