Why is it so hard to say?

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It seems like the list of hard towns to pronounce has gotten longer since we opened up the topic. There are many unique things about the Hudson Valley and we have some of the most unique sounding towns compared to other areas in the country. A Hudson Valley town was recently mentioned the other day and it took a big beating when it came to say its name correctly.

What Hudson Valley, NY town can be tricky to say?


That town is.....Accord, NY. Accord is technically a hamlet that is located right in Ulster County. Accord was initially named Port Jackson and the name was changed after a reported petition at Capital in Albany. However, the most important question is...how do you say it?

Confusion about Accord, NY?

I heard some doozies when people were trying to say it. Someone said Accord like a Honda Accord and another person said Ah-Cewered (I'm not even sure how they came up with that one). The correct pronunciation a little tricky because of the spelling and it can throw people off.

How do you say Accord, NY?

The correct was to say is it (ACK-kord). ACK-KORD...one more time (ACK-kord). I'm sure if you live in Accord you are used to people having a hard time saying it correctly.

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