Imagine how cool it would be to see your ride on the big screen. Just about everyone calls the Hudson Valley 'Hollywood on the Hudson' and more and more movies are getting filmed here. It creates great opportunities for people to get involved in the film industry and participate in ways they might have never imagined. A recent Facebook post mentioned how a certain car was needed for the latest film production and it might be the perfect way for someone to make their film debut.


The latest filming request in the Hudson Valley:

According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission Facebook Page, a film shoot will be going on in Livingston Manor during the month of February. Not a lot is known about the shoot, but they are looking to rent a 70s or 80s muscle car for one day. How cool does that sound?


Do you have a 70s or 80s muscle car? How can you be involved in the film?

First of all, if you have one of these cars I am VERY jealous. Second, if your car fits the description you can send muscle car photos and ask questions about to Maybe there can be a Hudson Valley version of the FAST AND THE FURIOUS?

Good luck to everyone that enters and if your car does get picked for the feature film PLEASE send us all of the details and information on the station app.

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