Rex Ryan is proving the "experts" wrong. Many claimed he couldn't shut his mouth and needed the media attention to feed his ego. Well Rex doesn't much look like he is being fed, and as for his ego, that seems in check as well. It is his brain that needs to be examined.

The Jets coach decided to try something new this off season. Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

If you haven't seen this event on TV, the 1st word that comes to mind is CRAZY. Here is how it works. Several bulls are released from a pen while hundreds or thousands run from the speeding animal, trying not to be gored to death. This excursion into being crazy lasts about 2 minutes. You dodge the bulls by any means you can. The game ends when the rampaging bulls run into the city square and into a bull ring.

Sounds like fun right? Wrong!!! You have to be a sandwich short of a picnic to participate in my opinion. The bulls are faster then most humans. Their charging animal however can not climb and that is advantage thrill seeker. I guess.

In the latest chapter, Ryan much to the chagrin of  many Jets fans ( not me) was unharmed. In fact the bulls came up empty this go round.

Ryan and the Jets begin training camp the end of July. Between now and then who knows what challenges Ryan will incur. Getting the Jets to the playoffs this year will be his greatest challenge.