The college recruiting landscape has changed drastically for 2016 Clifton Park (NY) guard Kevin Huerter over the last month and a half, where he’s gone from three offers to now, “around 15”.

Mixed in between his basketball schedule and baseball practice, as he’s the center fielder and pitcher, Huerter found time to stop by the local 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio studio.

“It feels amazing,” said Huerter, told Armen and Levack of 104.5 The Team, in response to his recruiting boost. “It was about a month and a half ago when we went to Boo Wiliams. Those couple days after that was crazy.”

The Shen High School junior gets text messages from roughly six coaches a day and is currently trying to figure out his summer visit plans.

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“Right now I’m just taking in everything. I’m taking in all the offers, listening to all the coaches, looking them up online and seeing what kind of systems they want to run. So in the next coming weeks, I can look at what schools I want to look at unofficially. In the summer i’ll look at schools I’ll want to go back and look at officially in the fall.

“We’re looking at a timetable to make a decision possibly in the fall. Obviously if I go to a campus and love it right to away, there's a chance I could commit then.”

Schools in the mix for unofficial visits from Huerter include Notre Dame, Michigan, Syracuse, Creighton, Davidson, Iowa, “and a couple others”. Maryland is the only program that Huerter confirmed he will be visiting this summer.

“They came for an in-home visit about a month ago. I met coach Turgeon and Coach Clark was with them. They’re a great school. They have the big Under Armour sponsorship. They have a lot of guys returning and lot of talent. They’re someone who’s been on me since the first tournament at Boo Williams.”

The most recent school to offer is Syracuse, although a commitment to the Orange would require a detour.

“They’ve offered me for the 2017 year. with their recent allegations they’ve lost scholarships. They don't have a scholarship to offer me in 2016. they can work out for me to go to prep school and get me there in 2017.

“I will be interested [in Syracuse]. Even before that I was looking at prep schools and seeing if that was something I wanted to do. My brother is doing it so I already have been looking at those options.”

Tom Huerter, Kevin’s father, played college basketball at nearby Siena and has been Kevin’s influence throughout. The Huerter family are clear on what would make the best fit for Kevin.

“I’m really looking for a great system and a great coaching staff,” Huerter said. “I’m looking for a style of play that fits me and somewhere I’m not just standing on the wing as a shooter. I want to be a combo guard and be able to do multiple things and not just stand on the wing and shoot and run off screens.

“I want to have the ball in my hands a little bit but coming off screens might be the best part of my game, I don’t know, however the coaches may want to use me. I’m looking for a system where I may have a role my freshman year.”

Wichita State, Gonzaga and Villanova have been talking to Huerter lately although have not offered. What if the UNC's and Duke’s of the world started offering? Would that change things drastically?

“Obviously, those programs have been historically the best programs in the country but as of recent, teams like Notre Dame, who have offered me. Notre Dame has already beat Duke twice this year.

“I wouldn’t say that just because Duke calls me that all these other schools are pushed to the side. That’d be really cool and I’d think about it but I wouldn't' say that if the UNC’s and Duke’s offered me that I’d immediately put all my focus to them.”

Huerter is currently ranked as a Rivals150 four-star but National Recruiting Analyst Eric Bossi says not to be surprised if the upstate New York native creeps into the top 75 in the near future.

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