Patience goes only so far. Building chemistry can only take so long. These are 2 things the NY Knicks have been preaching and waiting for. The time to wait is up. It's deal time for the Knicks or face a total wipeout of this season that carried so much promise. Oh sure the chemistry is still building but the losing, the nightly losing will ruin that. Nothing builds chemistry like winning and the Knicks aren't winning.

Beaten on Saturday night in double OT by the Nuggets the Knicks have now lost 6 straight and are 4 games below 500 with a ugly looking 6-10 record. Worse yet the Knicks can't win at home. losing to Denver isn't shameful but home losses to Milwaukee, Charlotte, Toronto and a bad Phoenix team has the locals calling for the head of the head coach.

It's time to save the season and the coach by grabbing one of Mike D'antoni's favorite guys that being Steve Nash of the previously mentioned Suns. The deal seems like a no brainer save for all the salary cap stuff which makes it difficult to do. The Knicks scream need  for a point guard as I have said all along. watching Chauncey Billups play well for the Clippers makes it more depressing. Nash is a part time New Yorker making his off season home in the city.

If the Knicks are waiting for Baron Davis who hasn't done anything in 2 years they are making a huge mistake. Phoenix is going nowhere in the west and is a free agent at the end of the year. Teams will be lining up for his services I believe come trade deadline time. The Knicks can't afford to wait.

Take last nights latest setback. Carmelo Anthony missed 20 of 30 shots. Part of the reason is he can't get shots in his favorite spots and has to try and create shots for himself. Amare Stoudemire has not played well and would love to have his former  Suns point guard dishing him the ball. Those 2 work the pick and roll as good as any combination in the league.

Nash would also foster team chemistry. He did it with the Suns while they were winning 50+ games every year for Phoenix. Another thing Nash brings is a consistant outside shooter something the Knicks lack big time in the back court. Oh sure there is some talent there but not play making talent, bonafide outside threat talent.

It's time for the Knicks to stop waiting for Davis and make this move or this season will be over before the wins start rolling in.