Mark Sanchez hit Tim Tebow in the head with a pass, and the New York Jets kicked me in the chest with a win.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hit New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow in the head with a pass on Sunday. For everyone that suggests that Tim Tebow would be a great tight end or a great pass-catching weapon, I have one question for you; why? Tim Tebow is not a polished weapon when it comes to catching the football. He might be serviceable at best, but hardly a stellar weapon.

The Jets were able to outlast the Miami Dolphins 23-20 in overtime. Miami Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter missed a 47-yard field goal attempt in the 4th quarter. Carpenter also missed a 48-year field goal attempt in overtime that would’ve given the Dolphins the win. Brutal. I had a bet with “Game On” host Bruce Jacobs (3-7pm 104.5 The Team). The loser has to wash the winner’s car. Thanks to Dan Carpenter, I’ll be scrubbing Bruce’s car. Thanks, Dan.  Good lookin out, buddy.

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