The Times Union ran an article suggesting that more women are needed in baseball as team VP's or administrative positions. According to stats, women make up 35% of baseball fans. Another stat is more get hit by foul balls because they are texting their girlfriends during the games. I'm not against women being in baseball; I am against trying to fill a quota just because they want more women involved in spite of the fact most of baseball fans, by far, are men.

Please STOP these politically correct answers when the nature of the game and the majority of fans are men. What's next female players? Oddly, I would support that if they had the talent to make it in the majors, but pushing numbers just to balance things out is just plain stupid. Don't agree? Call during the show 476-1045 and tell me I'm wrong.

I'll change my mind when women start buying the diamonds.

What's your comment?