I love sports. There are moments when I am forced to miss a game that I want to see so bad I think to myself "How could I miss something THIS important." Then there are moments like what happened in the Nebraska Cornhuskers Fresno State Bulldogs game that remind there are some things so much bigger than sports.

I would like to thank the Huskers for reminding me of that fact and sharing their personal moment with all of us. The Huskers lost punter Sam Foltz to a car accident July 23 in a car crash in rural Wisconsin after attending a kicking camp. Former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler also was killed. LSU kicker Colby Delahoussaye survived the accident.

Nebraska hung Foltz' 27 jersey at the end of the bench and upon going three and out to start the game they lined up just ten men and took the delay of game penalty with no punter on the field. To Fresno States credit they declined the penalty.