With teams across Major League Baseball on pace to set the all-time record for most home runs hit in a single season, the magic ball has played a part in the single team mark being passed and it's not even yet September.

On Saturday, the Minnesota Twins hit their 268th home run of 2019 and it came in a game in which the AL Central leaders bashed six long balls. Six. In a loss. The Twins have eight players with 20 or more home runs and as a group, they now have one more HR than last year's Yankees. Coming into Saturday, before the eruption for six homers, Minnesota was on pace to hit 317, a number that would smash New York's record by 40.

The total number of home runs to beat is 6,104; a record set in 2017. As of Saturday night, MLB teams have combined for 5,656 home runs.

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