Saratoga Race course has great fan giveaways but Spinners have long been taking goodies out of real fans hands. From the NY Times…

"And in the near distance, the whirling turnstiles at Saratoga Race Course clattered rhythmically, admitting some patrons only once, but others — those who came to spin, not to bet — over and over again.

On most days, Marty Strack is a horseplayer, but on a recent Sunday, he had joined the ranks of the spinners, a particular breed of racetrack regular whose name derives from repeated spins through the entry turnstiles on track giveaway days, amassing hats, T-shirts and the like by the armful.

Mr. Strack (“Track,” he said, “with an ‘s’ ”) handed over his $5 and collected a blue voucher entitling him to the track giveaway item: a free Saratoga 2014 hat. He entered the grounds, made a quick left, exited, and hit the turnstiles again"

Some spinners keep the extra stuff for themselves, some sell on Ebay but all of them
take stuff that real fans should get. Keep in mind for every extra item they take it's one less
that another fan will get. Just plain greedy.