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Capital Region Golf in the Fall Is Spectacular
Golf can be a very "green" sport visually, the lush fairways, the tree lined greens and yes, the destination of the sport, the green! Those factors are all the more reason to play golf in the Capital Region in the fall. Over the next 6 weeks, people from all over the country will make this…
No Weekend Plans? "Howe" About Naked in a Cave?
I have to admit, naked anywhere except in my house isn't in weekend plans. Things could change, however, at this stage in the game, I doubt it. Now, some people have different plans for their weekend nakedness. According to Wendy Liberatore of the Times Union, hundreds plan to head to Howe Cave…
ESPN Captured New York City's 80's Love For Mets
OK, I am a typical New Yorker when it comes to people talking or producing a documentary about the New York Mets of the 1980's. So, when ESPN announced that they would be doing a "30 for 30" on the 1986 Mets called "Once Upon A Time In Queens" I rolled my eyes. I admit it.
Buffalo Players Offer to Buy Away tix for Unvaxxed Fans
Hours after Buffalo Bills and Sabres ownership announced that all fans attending games at Highmark Stadium and KeyBank Center, home of the NHL franchise, a few of the Bills players sympathized with unvaccinated distraught Bills fans and offered to "buy" them tickets to away contests for th…

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