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42 For 42: Mariano Rivera's 29th Greatest Moment
Mariano Rivera can even make some of the worst moments in sports look good. That's what he did in 2002, when he breezed through the National League All-Star team in the ninth inning of the All-Star Game, the game that would go down in infamy as the game that ended in a tie.
42 For 42: Mariano Rivera's 30th Greatest Moment
Before becoming the greatest closer of all time and "The Hammer Of God," Mariano Rivera was a starter looking to lock teams down at the beginning of games. The number 30 moment of our countdown comes from 1995, when he saw his first success as a Major League starter, getting his fi…
42 For 42: Mariano Rivera's 31st Greatest Moment
Mariano Rivera has used his legendary cut fastball to break a lot of bats during his career, most of which are presumably discarded like other useless pieces of wood. The Minnesota Twins, however, decided to turn some of those broken bats into a gift for Rivera during this season's farewell tour, ma…
42 For 42: Mariano Rivera's 32nd Greatest Moment
Mariano Rivera is one of the faces of New York sports, which makes it weird to think that he spent some time playing in the Albany area before getting his break in the Major Leagues. However, he did just that as a member of the Albany-Colonie Yankees in the number 32 moment of our countdown.
42 For 42: Mariano Rivera's 33rd Greatest Moment
Mariano Rivera was in the middle of his first season as a full time closer in 1997 and he was doing well enough to warrant an appearance in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cleveland. It was his first All-Star Game appearance, his first All-Star Game save, and it is the number 33 moment of…
42 For 42: Mariano Rivera's 34th Greatest Moment
Mariano Rivera is one of the faces of the New York Yankees, and has been since the 1990s. But that may have never been the case if he hadn't been undrafted in the 1992 Major League Baseball expansion draft, the number 34 moment of our countdown.
42 For 42 Number 36 - Mariano Rivera Strikes Out Barry Bonds
There aren't many hitters that have come through Major League Baseball in Mariano Rivera's career that can be considered truly fearsome. Barry Bonds, however, was one of them. Despite his alleged dealings with performance enhancing drugs over the course of his career, Bonds was still one of the best…
42 For 42
Mariano Rivera is arguably one of the greatest baseball players of all time. But with his career coming to an end soon, he's going to need to find ways to occupy his time when it's done. The Harlem Globetrotters extended an olive branch to Rivera, offering to help him fill the void on the …

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