NFL Players Can Wear Red, White, & Blue On 9/11
The NFL will not fine players for paying tribute to the country by wearing red, white, and blue on 9/11.  There was speculation that the NFL fashion police would be out in full force.  The NFL decided to make the wise move.
Professional Athletes And Twitter
Rashard Mendenhall's recent Twitter comments regarding Osama bin Laden's death and the September 11th attacks made me realize that professional athletes just shouldn't use Twitter.
Before you start talking about "Freedom of Speech", let me tell you why I feel thi…
Sports Transcending Sports: 9/11 and More
I watched the President's speech Sunday night.  I watched with a smile as Americans flooded the streets and celebrated the day.  But at the same time I realized that this day served as a reminder, a vivid representation of a time nearly ten years ago, when one September morning the name of Osama bin…