Did The Mets Use A Rod?
The sale of the New York Mets appears to be pretty cut and dry at this point. The Mets and Billionaire Steve Cohen are in exclusive talks to finalize the investment banker buying the team. This news clearly came as a bit of a surprise to Alex Rodriguez and his fiance Jennifer Lopez. A Rod is crying …
A-Rod To Host Reality TV Show
Alex Rodriguez is back! But in a whole different way. We've seen him on the set of the MLB Playoffs on FOX, but the former 3-time MVP is trying his hand at a different type of role.
Rodriguez is set to host "Back In The Game", a reality TV show that focuses on helping athletes …
A-Rod Making The Right Call
I really can't speak for the Miami Marlins and what they were thinking when they said they'd consider bringing Alex Rodriguez into the fold, but at least A-Rod is sticking to his decision to not play another game this season. For the Marlins, who are in the thick of the National League wil…
Alex Rodriguez And Yankees Breakup
It's seems pretty clear from where I sit that Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees wanted Alex Rodriguez gone, and they weren't interested in waiting any longer to pull the trigger. The message, basically, was pack up your bags because the party is over...
BREAKING: Yankees To Release A-Rod On Friday
During a press conference today at Yankee Stadium, Alex Rodriguez announced that his final MLB game will Friday, August 12th with the New York Yankees. Rodriguez will be unconditionally released by the Yankees following Friday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays...
Yankees Could Release A-Rod Before Season Ends
The Yankees could be moving toward a divorce with once-a-star Alex Rodriguez. Sources have learned that the Yanks could release Rodriguez before the season ends, or could release him in the offseason, if they do so at all.
I've come full circle on A-Rod...
Vic Dibitetto From the Yankee Clubhouse
Vic Dibitetto does another rank from the Yankee Clubhouse (a Yankee room in his house LOL).
Vic calls the Yankees Bipolar and I can't disagree. They need to sell sell sell and send Alex Rodriguez home. Find some decent younger players and hope for a better season next year...
Uhm What Is A Rod Doing? [VIDEO]
Any good camper or outdoors man knows it's important to keep you wood dry, BUT this is ridiculous! During last night's game against the Boston Red Sox there was some rain so A Rod did what any Designated Hitter would do(NO ONE WOULD DO THIS) repeatedly dried his bat on his crotch...
Trio of Homers
Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez continues to have a better season than anyone expected and it hit an season high on Saturday night.
Shhh ... It's A Record
A-Rod managed another accomplishment Wednesday, passing Lou Gehrig on the all-time RBI list. Then on Thursday night tied Barry Bonds. But, why did no one notice?
How To Spurn A-Rod
Alex Rodriguez will hear boos at every stadium that he travels to this season, but perhaps in Baltimore we learned of a better way to spurn the former steroid-user?
Overwhelming Accepted
Alex Rodriguez received the loudest ovation amongst the Yankee Stadium Opening Day crowd on Monday afternoon as the majority of the boos were drown out.

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