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A Sweep in June Seems Worse Than It Is
Now let’s take this series in perspective. The Yankees have played 77 games. More than half of the season is left. Yes they have lost all 6 games to the Red Sox but they play them 8 more times in July, 2 more in August and a final 3 in late September. There is time.
AL East Favorite?
Now that the Yankees have won two in Toronto with a Sunday matinee looming, there still has to be concerns with how solid the Blue Jays have become within the last two weeks.
Robinson Cano’s Production Could Solidify Yanks Playoff Spot
It never comes down to one guy in team sports (basketball sometimes), but when a major RBI man in a baseball lineup has big game after big game down the stretch of a season, it rubs off on everyone else and the team is overall is a much better place in terms of making the postseason.  If the Yankees are to make the playoffs, they need Robinson Cano to produce.  Plain and simple.
Pitching Problems
The fact that the Yankees find themselves only 2.5 games out of the final wildcard spot is a tribute to Manager Joe Girardi's ability to maneuver a bullpen and  starting pitching that has been consistent if not special. However as they try and plug holes in their lineup, the Yankees starting pitching is showing signs of not holding up...
Raw Deal?
Let's be honest Met fans the subway series is all for us and nothing fun for the Yankees. The Mets are the red headed step child in New York. Has been that way most of my life and might be the way the rest of it. The Yanks own New York...
Yankees-Rays Series Preview
The Yankees recently lost two of three in Baltimore.  The Rays struggled in Toronto and lost two of three.  Here is a series preview in Tampa Bay between the Yankees and Rays. New York enters Tampa Bay in first place in the AL East by just a half game over Boston...
Yankees-Orioles Series Preview
The Yankees enter Camden Yards posting a 12-6 record against American League East teams.  The Orioles have lost five straight and are looking to bounce back at home.  These clubs play three in Baltimore.  Here is a series preview:
Why The Yankees Are In First Place
The demise of the Yankees was written at least a dozen times from February 1 until now.  The injuries, oh the injuries.  But baseball people must not have been baseball people through and through because they forgot that CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera were still around and the bullpen was in tact.  And the division actually wasn't that good if you know how baseball teams win in 2
Should The Red Sox Be Panicked By Their Recent Poor Plays?
The Boston Red Sox are sending off panic alarms all throughout New England thanks to their 4-14 play so far in the month of September. The team's starting pitching along with the offensive slump has combined for a horrific month thus far. Their AL Wild Card lead has dropped all the ways to a single game in the loss column over the Tampa Bay Rays. Should the Red Sox panic or simply be alarmed by th
Yankees vs. Red Sox: Series Means More For NY
Tonight in the Bronx, it's a battle of 1st place in the AL East as the Yankees and Red Sox will begin their 3rd series of the year.  1st place New York comes into the 3-game set with a 1-game lead over the Sox. In my opinion, this series clearly means more for one team.
Sinkoff Revisits His AL East Predictions
I have always thought that you can tell a lot about a Major League Baseball team by June 1st.  That's the big day - as it's about a third of the way through the season. Back in late March, I made my predictions for the A.L. East.  Let's see how I'm doing after 2 months of play.

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